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About Me

Cinematographer. YouTuber. Storyteller. 

"From a very young age I had a fascination with cinematography, and tasteful music to create engaging stories. When a story could be told without using words... there is almost something mystical about that kind of storytelling. I grew up wanting to make a change in the world, and living my life to bless others and help them out of the hardship that they might find themselves in. I didn't know how, or what to do at first.


Through a hard work ethic, a love for telling stories, and helping people. I found myself acquiring more and more tools for creating content. Helping polish videos for others to tell their stories like never before. From a grocery store clerk, construction worker, salesman, cabinet designer/installer to making videos for people. I have seen firsthand how God will use paths that don't look like the path you wanted to take you to the path that you needed to be on. Best part of my job is I get to help people pursue their passion, further their business, or build their brand with the skills that I have acquired. That's something very special. Getting to capture a moment of someone's story and getting to help tell it to the world."

- Peter Stephenson

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